NCR Corp. and Wells Fargo have collaborated on the industry’s first full-function weatherized ATM for exterior walk-up environments, according to a press release. The new free-standing ATM was designed to allow banks to deliver more services to customers in more locations.

The ATM, NCR SelfServ 37, can perform a wide variety of banking functions including envelope-free cash and check deposit, and can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity and rain, allowing for exterior installations without the need for expensive dedicated housing.

Existing weatherized ATMs perform only cash withdrawal; full-function ATMs require expensive external structures to protect them from moisture, heat and cold, the release said.

As a free-standing ATM, the weatherized NCR SelfServ 37 requires less space and allows financial institutions to offer services including check-cashing. The ATMs are ideal for locations such as storefronts, coffee shops, parking lots, college campuses and other high traffic areas, the release said.

Wells Fargo has rolled out more than 50 of the weatherized units in California as part of the bank’s larger strategy to deliver more services at the ATM.

“Our customers rely on our ATM network for many aspects of their banking needs, not simply for cash withdrawals,” said Alicia Moore, head of Wells Fargo ATM Banking. “As we continue to add more features and benefits through our ATM channel, it is important that our ATMs have the flexibility to deliver those services in locations convenient for our customers. NCR has helped us innovate to accomplish just that.”

The NCR SelfServ 37 can perform normally in temperatures from -31 F (-35 C) to 113 F (45 C) and in 10 to 100 percent relative humidity, and features a sunlight-readable touchscreen display. Its footprint is approximately 49 percent less smaller than a typical full-function ATM with an external structure.

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