Diebold in talks to buy Wincor Nixdorf


A report by Reuters discloses that ATM manufacturing company Diebold Inc., is sizing up Wincor Nixdorf as a potential acquisition.

Source of the knowledge of the negotiations have said that buyout talks are in the works, with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan advising Wincor and Diebold, respectively.

Today, however, Reuters followed up with a report that “a spokesman” for Wincor Nixdorf had said that there were no talks of a takeover or even a merger.

In April, Wincor Nixdorf denied the initial report by Reuters that the company had engaged investment banks to “come up with ideas to secure the future of the group, including a potential sale to a private equity group.” At that time, a Wincor spokesperson told ATM Marketplace that the report was “unsubstantiated.”

Whatever the case, it is certainly true that the most recent rumor has been good for Wincor’s market value. Based on the buyout report, the company’s shares registered a 10 percent bump in price on Wednesday.

Source: ATMmarketplace