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Samsung Smart TVs get a new payment system, card details can be transferred from smartphones


Samsung has created a simplified payment system for its Smart TV devices. This will be great news for millions of customers who purchase content from the no. 1 smart TV manufacturer. The new payment service is said to support “major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and other mobile billing options”.

What it supports is not the highlight, though. The manufacturer is more excited to showcase how easy it is to use this new payment system. After the initial registration set-up has been completed, it usually takes only 3 steps for the user to complete a transaction. Simply choose the item you want to buy, press the “Pay Now” button and enter your PIN number. You are done!

samsung smart tv

We know what you are thinking, though. Yes, Samsung’s Smart TVs don’t run Android, they run Tizen – so why are we talking about this? For starters, we know many of our readers still love Samsung televisions. Furthermore, this new payment method also takes advantage of a neat feature many Android users will be able to take advantage of.

Those who use a Samsung mobile device can transfer their Samsung account information and registered payment methods to their Samsung Smart TV units, making it even easier to take get everything set up. It makes the process of buying content and accessing in-app purchases within games (which is also a new addition to the experience) much easier.

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