Jamba Juice a service that provide quick smoothies and fresh-squeezed juice for those who wish the lines for these sweet, often healthful, treats were smaller, the wait to reduce the wait may be over. Jamba Juice is reportedly rolling out a new tool on the Jamba Juice app that will work for over 200 Jamba Juice locations, allowing users to order ahead and thus get in and out of said locations faster.

The new tool is designed to allow users to send in an order in advance and then stop in to pick it up, a concept that has worked out well for a variety of other locations that have already put it use. In fact, Jamba Juice’s chief marketing and innovation officer, Julie S. Washington, has already noted that Jamba Juice is a bit behind on this concept.

Washington referred to mobile as “…a part of doing business that guests expect from Jamba,” further noting that the app’s ordering capabilities would provide valuable information about the users and their purchasing behavior.

With that information in hand, Washington continued, the company would be better able to offer up targeted advertising material as well as special offers, driving increased traffic to stores and giving Jamba Juice something of a better position in the market.

The modified app has already had something of a test drive, with availability in Hawaii as well as California, Chicago and New York throughout the month of August. But now, with the testing apparently complete, the app is getting a wider rollout, active for the aforementioned 200-plus locations.

It’s a smart idea to do things like this for several reasons, and we’ve already seen the kind of success that it can engender under the right circumstances. It’s worked for Starbucks—with both barrels it’s worked for Starbucks!—and it seems to be working well for Subway, for Taco Bell, and a host of other companies that have put such tools to work.

The basic principle is so simple that it’s hard to believe every other major food chain around isn’t already doing it, even though most already are to at least some degree: put in an order in advance, and upon reaching the restaurant, pick up the food—or drink in Jamba Juice’s case—and pay. About the only way it could be much better is if the apps included a mobile payments system to pay for the purchase in advance, meaning it was now just as easy as walking into the location and picking up the order.

Oh, sure, we’d all likely to see Amazon-style drones get involved in this action—imagine being at home and craving a smoothie and a pizza and just hitting a few apps to have it delivered, a few minutes later, by light drone aircraft—but that’s a development that’s still a bit off, and when it arrives, will leave me with virtually no reason to leave the house ever again.

Still, it’s pretty convenient as it sits, and it can only get better. The advantages gained by better marketing only improve the situation, and the end result will likely be all the more valuable. Better service, shorter waits, and better access to customer data will yield a win-win situation all the way around.

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