Beer in Less Than a Minute; Using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay

In United Kingdom, Barclaycard made a beer pump machine that has built-in contactless payment. The machine will automatically pour a glass of beer in a pint in 60 seconds once payment is made.

The machine is created to work with Barclaycard’s own debit and credit cards, which can be used with any contactless cards such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay. Drinkers only need to tap their payment device beneath the base and in just couple of seconds they get a perfect beer to fill their thirst.

Customers enjoy their new-found freedom to refill at their leisure, sample new beers, and have a fantastic time with their friends. There’s no need to worry about waiting for service at the bar or table again. Customers don’t have to wait for service that equates to a natural increase in beer sales, which cover up anywhere from 10 to 25 percent.

Once drinkers are set to the beer rice, they tap their card and another confirmation is punched in to get the machine to work. If a drinker starts to leak the beer within the first minute, then the machine cancels the initiation and transaction giving money refunds to the card owner.

To prevent queues, the small pump only sell drinkers one beer at a time, keeping things hassle-free and lessen the lines during busy times and rush hour periods. The machine works flawlessly, pouring functions a little bit lager, which requires less pouring skills.

In every situation issues are always present, such as drinking too much without control. In a bar house, it’s the barman’s task to make sure that drinkers must never drink themselves into a coma. Neglecting those rules will bring them into an emergency, and can spare the bar owners license, also securing that all costumers are all in legal drinking age.

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