Award-Winning Diebold Nixdorf Technology Enables First-Of-Its-Kind Biometric-Enabled Service For Al Rajhi Bank Consumers

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Al Rajhi Bank, a leading international banking group in Saudi Arabia, recently partnered with Diebold Nixdorf to collaboratively develop an award-winning biometric-enabled self-service solution. The custom solution is the first to enable debit card printing via biometric authentication at a self-service terminal in the Middle East. In an effort to drive connected commerce in the region, 100 of the custom units with this unique service have been made available in Al Rajhi Bank’s branches through a local distribution partner, Alhamrani Universal Company.

“We are delighted to be the first bank to introduce this unique feature in the region, which will provide our customers with a secured and individualized service in just a matter of seconds,” said Saleh Alzumaie, general manager of retail banking group, Al Rajhi Bank. “Our collaboration with Diebold Nixdorf has been fruitful at turning our vision into reality with their collaborative approach to innovation.”

To print a new debit card, consumers can now use biometric fingerprint readers to authenticate themselves, select how their name will appear on the card, quickly receive the new card and continue on with their day. This service is part of a variety of additional services available on the self-service terminal such as check book printing, statement printing, pre-account opening, local and international remittances and more.

“In the Middle East, software-driven services such as digital onboarding and biometric authentication are readily being adopted,” said Habib Hanna, Diebold Nixdorf managing director, Middle East. “Diebold Nixdorf’s technology leadership is continuing to enable our customers to stay ahead in this rapidly changing, increasingly digital consumer landscape.”

“We are delighted to have worked closely with Al Rajhi Bank on this great achievement, and we’re committed to providing top quality services and delivering the latest innovations to financial institutions in the Middle East,” said Tariq Abdat, president, Alhamrani Universal Company.

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