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ATM & Cards is an independent news and information source for the ATM, cards and payment industry. We aggregate and report news, events, developments and trends as well as offering analysis and perspectives about the global financial technology community. Our aim is to bridge the divide between innovators, banks, payment service providers, regulators and consumers through providing news that proves significant to the needs of the entire industry. Our mission is to provide a dedicated voice for the payment industry.


ATM & Cards is the brainchild of Geraldine Ugbaja, the first female ATM engineer in Nigeria. She worked as a high-quality Wincor Nixdorf technician with Coporeti Support Services specializing in both ATM software and hardware support and maintenance and later the first hire at Asmeo Technologies where she was the company’s Project Manager and Head of Support. She later joined ATM Parts Company (Cennox Nigeria) where she was the technical manager and oversaw the company’s innovative provisioning of security solutions for major banks’ ATMs. She founded ATM & Cards to offer guides on latest technology and answers to Nigerians concerns about their usage.